Digital Printing

Digital Printing

Experience top-tier digital printing services in Kigali with Fresh Print. Whether you need vibrant business cards, eye-catching flyers, or bespoke prints, our digital solutions are tailored to meet your needs, ensuring quality and efficiency for every project in Rwanda.

Business Cards: 

Make a solid first impression with our standout business cards, a must-have in Kigali's professional scene.

Flyers and Brochures: 

Boost your brand's visibility in Rwanda with our striking flyers and brochures, designed to communicate your message effectively.

Rounded Business Cards: 

Make a lasting impression with our Rounded Business Cards. Tailored for forward-thinking professionals in Kigali and across Rwanda, these cards feature sleek, rounded edges that stand out, blending modern design with practicality to ensure your first introduction is both memorable and distinctive.


High-impact visuals for promotions, events, or informational purposes, available in standard and custom sizes.

Custom Stickers:

Brand your products or promotional materials with stickers of all shapes and sizes.


Ideal for product packaging, envelopes, or any branding necessity, available in a variety of finishes.

Invitations and Cards: 

Personalize your event with stunning invitations and cards, perfect for all occasions.


Crisp, clear menu printing for restaurants, cafes, or events, available in multiple formats and finishes.

Reports and Presentations: 

Professional binding and printing options to make your reports stand out.

Booklets and Catalogs:

Showcase your products or services with professionally printed booklets and catalogs, offering a range of binding options.

Door Hangers:

Effective marketing tools for local advertising, perfect for promotions, Wedding or service offerings.

Table Tents:

Promote special offers or services directly on tables or counters with custom printed table tents.

Custom Prints: 

Get personalized digital printing services that cater to your unique requirements, right here in Kigali.

Business cards with golden foil:

Make a lasting impression with our Metallic Foil Business Cards. Perfect for professionals and businesses in Kigali and across Rwanda seeking to stand out, these cards add a touch of luxury and sophistication, ensuring your first impression is both memorable and shimmering with potential.

Custom-Shaped Leaflets:

Introduce your brand with our Custom-Shaped Leaflets, uniquely tailored for engaging and memorable handouts. Perfectly crafted for standout appeal in Kigali's bustling markets and across Rwanda, they're designed to capture attention and convey your message creatively in any setting.

Single Rounded Business Cards:

Make a memorable impression with our Single Rounded Business Cards. Perfect for professionals in Kigali and across Rwanda, these cards feature a unique rounded edge, combining sophistication with innovative design to ensure your introduction stands out.

Custom Table Tent Menus:

Elevate your dining and event experience with our Custom Table Tent Menus. Perfect for restaurants, conferences, and weddings in Kigali and throughout Rwanda, these menus combine functionality with elegance, providing guests with an attractive and convenient way to explore your offerings.

Bi-Folded Flyers:

Elevate your marketing with our 5.5×8.5 inches (approximately 14×21.6 cm) Folded Flyers. Perfect for impactful communication in Kigali and throughout Rwanda, these compact yet versatile flyers are designed to catch the eye and convey your message effectively in any setting.

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