Promotional Items

Promotional Items

Enhance your brand presence with our range of Promotional Items, ideal for giveaways, corporate events, or marketing campaigns, ensuring your brand stands out.

Custom Mugs:

Personalized mugs for your business or event.


Branded pens that keep your name in the hands of your clients.

USB Drives:

Functional promotional items that offer value and visibility.


A vast array of styles and materials to suit your brand, ensuring daily visibility.


Custom printed or embroidered with your branding, ideal for events, staff uniforms, or merchandise.

Tote Bags:

Eco-friendly and reusable, these bags offer high visibility for your brand, perfect for giveaways or retail.

Water Bottles:

Branded drinkware is a practical and appreciated promotional gift, ideal for fitness-related promotions or everyday use.


Custom notebooks are great for conferences, corporate events, or as part of a welcome kit.

Caps and Hats: 

A versatile option for brand promotion, suitable for outdoor events, sports, or casual wear.

Phone Accessories:

Including cases, stands, and chargers, these items keep your brand close at hand in the digital age.


Essential for events and corporate settings, customizable lanyards keep IDs and keys accessible while showcasing your brand.

Products stands:

Showcase your products in Kigali and Rwanda with our custom stands, made from quality materials for retail and trade shows. Elevate your brand with our tailored, functional, and aesthetically appealing designs.


Ideal for events, awareness campaigns, or as fashion statements, offering a high-engagement promotional option.

Trade stands:

Maximize your trade show impact in Kigali and across Rwanda with our bespoke trade stands. Crafted from premium materials, they offer the perfect blend of style and functionality to showcase your brand and captivate your audience.


High-utility items that offer large branding space, perfect for the rainy season in Kigali or as thoughtful corporate gifts.


Custom printed calendars to keep your brand in sight all year round, available in wall, desk, or magnetic formats.


Branded notepads for corporate use, giveaways, or promotional events.


Enhance the everyday workspace with custom-printed mousepads, offering a practical branding solution. Ideal for corporate gifts, giveaways, or office supplies, they provide constant brand exposure and utility.

Custom Paper Gift Bags:

Enhance your branding with our Custom Paper Gift Bags. Ideal for shops and events in Kigali and across Rwanda, these bags are not just carriers but a stylish statement, offering a personalized touch that carries your brand further in the hands of every recipient.

Custom Plastic ID Cards:

Elevate your conference experience and organization's professionalism in Kigali and across Rwanda with our Custom Plastic ID Cards. Designed for durability and clarity, these high-quality cards are perfect for ensuring seamless identification and access at events, combining professionalism with practicality.

Custom branded glasses:

Elevate your brand's presence with our glass branding service, perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to any event or establishment in Kigali and throughout Rwanda. Our custom-branded glasses serve as a timeless reminder of your brand's elegance and quality.

Custom Branded Pizza Boxes:

Deliver your brand’s flavor with our Custom Pizza Boxes, ideal for pizzerias and food delivery services in Kigali and throughout Rwanda. These boxes aren’t just for transport; they’re a canvas for your branding, transforming every order into a memorable experience that leaves a taste of your unique identity.

A5 Spiral Notepad:

Elevate your note-taking with our A5 Spiral Notepad. Perfect for professionals and students in Kigali and across Rwanda, this notepad combines convenience with functionality, offering a durable, easy-to-use format for your ideas and reminders. Ideal for both personal use and as a branded corporate gift.

Custom Branded Powerbanks:

Elevate your promotional game with our Custom Branded Powerbanks, the ultimate giveaway for businesses, events, and conferences in Kigali and across Rwanda. These portable chargers are not just practical; they keep your brand in constant view, reinforcing your commitment to convenience and innovation.

Custom Branded Metal Pens:

Leave a lasting impression with our Custom Metal Pens. Ideal for corporate gifts and promotional giveaways in Kigali and across Rwanda, these elegant pens combine functionality with sophisticated branding, offering a sleek reminder of your business's excellence with every use.

Branded Travel Mugs:

Elevate your brand's visibility with our Custom Branded Travel Mugs. Perfect for businesses and events or for boosting on-the-go visibility in Kigali and throughout Rwanda, these durable, eco-friendly mugs ensure your brand travels with your audience on every adventure.

Custom Branded Travel Mugs:

Take your brand on the go with our Custom Branded Travel Mugs. Ideal for businesses, events, and on-the-move promotions in Kigali and across Rwanda, these mugs offer a durable and eco-friendly way to keep your brand in the hands and minds of your audience, wherever their journey takes them.

Custom Desk Stands:

Transform your workspace with our Custom Desk Stands. Ideal for professionals and perfectly suited for restaurants in Kigali and across Rwanda, these stands offer a blend of functionality and style, ensuring your desk remains organized while elevating the aesthetic of your work environment or adding a touch of elegance to your tables while keeping your offerings prominently displayed and easily accessible to guests.

Custom Leather Notebooks:

Elevate your brand's sophistication with our Custom Leather Notebooks. Perfect for corporate gifts or premium giveaways in Kigali and across Rwanda, these notebooks combine luxury and functionality, featuring high-quality lined pages and a sleek, embossed logo on the leather cover.

Custom Leather Keychains:

Elevate your brand's elegance with our Custom Leather Keychains. Perfect for corporate gifts and promotional items in Kigali and throughout Rwanda, these sophisticated keychains blend functionality with luxury, offering a memorable way to keep your brand close at hand.

Custom Toiletry Bags:

Elevate your brand's travel essentials with our Custom Toiletry Bags. Perfect for businesses in Kigali and throughout Rwanda, these practical yet stylish bags offer a personalized touch to your promotional items, ensuring your brand travels far and wide in the most elegant way.

Linen Shoulder Bags:

Elevate your brand's eco-conscious image with our Linen Shoulder Bags. Perfect for businesses and events in Kigali and across Rwanda, these sustainable and stylish bags offer a durable and versatile way to showcase your brand, making every carrier a walking testament to your commitment to quality and the environment.

Custom Branded Linen Bags:

Enhance your eco-friendly branding with our Custom Branded Linen Bags. Ideal for businesses, events, Institutions and conferences in Kigali and across Rwanda, these durable and stylish bags serve as a sustainable choice for giveaways, leaving a lasting impression of your brand's commitment to the environment.

Sticker Rolls:

Elevate your branding efforts with our Sticker Rolls. Perfect for businesses in Kigali and throughout Rwanda, these rolls provide a versatile and efficient way to label, decorate, and promote your brand on almost any surface, ensuring your message sticks in the minds of your audience.

Kraft Paper Delivery Bags:

Elevate your delivery experience with our Kraft Paper Delivery Bags. Perfect for businesses in Kigali and throughout Rwanda looking for an eco-friendly option, these durable bags blend functionality with sustainability, ensuring your products reach their destination securely while showcasing your commitment to the environment.

Kraft Paper Envelopes:

Elevate your correspondence with our Kraft Paper Envelopes. Perfect for businesses in Kigali and across Rwanda looking to add a touch of eco-friendly sophistication to their mailings, these durable envelopes offer a natural, premium feel that conveys your brand's commitment to quality and sustainability.

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