Signs and Signages

Signs and Signages

Discover unparalleled Signs and Signage solutions at Fresh Print, your go-to source for all signage needs in Kigali and throughout Rwanda. Our services are tailored to enhance your brand's visibility and communication, offering a wide array of signage options designed to meet every possible requirement.

Indoor Signage:

Custom-designed indoor signs for all settings, from corporate to retail, enhancing your space with effective communication.

Outdoor Signage:

High-impact outdoor signs built to endure the Rwandan climate, ensuring your message stands out year-round.

Custom Flags:

From promotional banners to celebratory flags, we provide a range of materials and designs for every occasion.


Elevate your display with our X-Stand, the ultimate solution for branding in Kigali and across Rwanda. Lightweight, durable, and easy to set up, it's perfect for any event or retail space.

Large Base Roll-Up Banners:

Highlight your brand elegantly with our Large Base Roll-Up Banner, tailored for superior stability and prominence. Perfect for the lively events in Kigali and retail scenes across Rwanda, it offers simple setup and remarkable impact.

Small Base Roll-Up Banners:

Display your brand using our Compact Base Roll-Up Banner, designed for sleekness and mobility. Suited for narrow areas and striking visuals in Kigali and across Rwanda, its convenience in setup and portability makes it optimal for various events and retail spaces.

Wayfinding Signage:

Intuitive and aesthetic signage solutions to guide visitors through any environment, aligning with your branding.

Vehicle Graphics:

Expertly applied graphics to turn any vehicle into a moving advertisement, extending your reach across Kigali and Rwanda.

Safety and Regulatory Signs:

Create a cohesive look for your team or event.Ensure your premises adhere to regulations with our customizable safety signs, designed for clarity and compliance.

Trade Show Displays:

Engage and captivate your audience with innovative trade show displays that embody your brand's essence.

Illuminated Signs:

Capture attention day or night with our striking illuminated signage options, ideal for businesses aiming to stand out.

Tear Drops:

Portable and dynamic, tear drops are perfect for instant visibility at events, promotions, or as informative signage, easy to set up and effective in capturing attention.

A-Frame Signs:

Versatile and easily changeable, A-frames are excellent for sidewalk advertising or informational signage, offering quick updates for your messaging.

Acrylic Signage:

Sleek and modern, acrylic signs offer a high-end look for branding, directional or informational purposes, customizable in various shapes and sizes.

Magnetic Signs:

Ideal for temporary or interchangeable vehicle branding, magnetic signs provide flexibility and ease of use, perfect for businesses in Kigali seeking a non-permanent option.

Engraved Signs:

Durable and timeless, engraved signs offer a touch of class and permanence, suitable for office doors, buildings, or monuments.

Corrugated Plastic Signs:

Lightweight yet sturdy, these signs are ideal for short-term outdoor use, campaigns, or events, offering easy installation and weather resistance.

Metal Signs:

Opt for durability and sophistication with metal signage, ideal for permanent outdoor or prestigious indoor displays, resistant to the elements and wear.


Create stunning visual backgrounds for events, exhibitions, or photo opportunities, customized with your branding to make a significant impact.


Custom printed gazebos offer a functional and stylish solution for outdoor events, providing shelter while effectively showcasing your brand.

Custom Glass Signs:

Showcase your brand's sophistication with our Custom Glass Signs, a sleek and modern signage solution. Ideal for businesses in Kigali and across Rwanda seeking to make a statement, these signs offer clarity, durability, and a touch of elegance to any space.

Special Decorated Metal Hanging Signs:

Showcase your brand with distinction using our Special Decorated Metal Hanging Signs. Designed for discerning businesses in Kigali and across Rwanda, these signs combine durability with custom embellishments, offering a unique and upscale way to captivate attention and elevate your brand's presence.

Hanging metal Signs:

Boost your brand's profile with our Metal Hanging Signs. Tailored for businesses in Kigali and throughout Rwanda, these durable and sleek signs offer a modern touch to your establishment, ensuring lasting visibility and a professional appearance in any setting.

Hanging wooden Signs:

Elevate your business's visibility with our Wooden Hanging Signs. Perfect for establishments in Kigali and across Rwanda, these signs blend rustic charm with brand recognition, offering a durable and distinctive way to stand out in any commercial space.

Snake Display Stand:

Showcase your products with dynamic flair using our Snake Display Stand. Perfect for engaging customers in Kigali and across Rwanda, this innovative stand features a serpentine design that guides the viewer through your display, making it an irresistible focal point in any retail or event setting.

Metal A-Stands:

Maximize your visibility with our Metal A-Stands. Ideal for businesses, events, and outdoor advertising in Kigali and throughout Rwanda, these durable and versatile stands offer a double-sided display, ensuring your message captures attention from all directions. Perfect for high-traffic areas, they're a sturdy solution for your promotional needs.

Wall Round Lightbox Sign:

Illuminate your brand with our Wall Round Lightbox Sign. Perfect for businesses in Kigali and across Rwanda seeking to shine, this sign combines eye-catching illumination with a sleek, circular design, making your brand a beacon of professionalism and style in any environment.

Custom Wooden Wayfinding Signs:

Elevate your indoor navigation with our Custom Wooden Wayfinding Signs. Perfect for businesses and venues in Kigali and across Rwanda, these signs blend natural elegance with practical design, guiding visitors seamlessly with a touch of rustic charm.

Rectangle Hanging Lightbox Sign:

Brighten your brand visibility with our Rectangle Hanging Lightbox Sign. Perfect for businesses in Kigali and across Rwanda aiming to stand out, this sign combines striking illumination with a clean, rectangular shape, ensuring your message is seen and remembered in any setting.

Matte Poster with Frame:

Present your visuals in style with our Matte Poster with Frame. Perfect for businesses and galleries in Kigali and throughout Rwanda, this option combines the subtle elegance of matte finish with a sophisticated frame, elevating any space with your branded or artistic content.

Round Wobblers:

Grab attention with our Round Wobblers. Perfect for businesses in Kigali and throughout Rwanda, these dynamic, eye-catching displays are designed to oscillate with air movement, bringing your promotions to life right at the point of sale or event, making your message impossible to miss.

Shop Poster and Frame:

Showcase your promotions with our Shop Poster and Frame solutions. Perfect for retail spaces in Kigali and across Rwanda, these posters and frames grab attention, delivering your message with clarity and style, enhancing any shop's visual appeal and brand presence.

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